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5 Stress Reduction Tips for Children

stress kidsAs adults, we face a lot of pressure: pressure to pay the bills, pressure to perform on the job, pressure to be good citizens, and pressure to take great care of our families.

As a matter of fact, we place so much importance on stress and its ill effects that the market is flooded with stress “cures” and self-help advice for those seeking respite. But, did you know that children experience stress, too?

Sure, they don’t have the debts we have, or even the same responsibilities… but they do have lives full of new experiences and unknowns, which is a sure stress inducer. If you are concerned with easing your little one’s stress, then there are some things you can do to help.

Here are five stress reduction tips for children:

Slow Down

If you find that, from the time you wake up your child until the time it is time to go to sleep, you are hurrying things along, then it is time you are mindful about slowing down. All that “hurry, hurry, hurry” enacts the stress chemicals and can create a destructive pattern of worry that lasts well into adulthood.

Have Fun

Children need to just play and be silly sometimes. Allow plenty of time for fun activities and outlets for having fun. If your family must adhere to a strict schedule (as many busy families must do these days), then make it a point to pencil in some fun, goofy time each and every day – if even for just a half hour.

Encourage Open Communication in the House

Remember that your home should be a safe haven for your children, where they can express themselves without judgment. Show acceptance and a willingness to consider your children’s feelings. If you think something is bothering them, ask about it.

Label Feelings

Children may not know what “stress” is, per se, but they do know when they don’t feel good about something. Be conscious about identifying your own feelings when communicating with your children, so that they can more easily identify theirs when expressing themselves to you.

Physical Activity

Exercise is a known stress reducer. Get your children involved in sports, or even just a Sunday evening kick ball game with the family.

Children get stressed. As a parent, it is your job to identify the best ways of helping your children deal with that stress. These tips should help you meet your children’s stress relief needs in a way that is beneficial for the entire family.

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