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Stress Management Using Mindful Awareness

It seems that constant contact with media your smart phone, tweeting or text messaging or answering your email, constant contact with family friends and strangers is actually causing more stress than a fax or TV commercial could ever have done. These communication devices plague us at home, at work, on the road, and for many they sleep right next to us. In fact, the more you read about stress the more you realize just how pervasive it really is.

Just about everyone in the medical area, whether it be a family physician or a podiatrist, is concerned with the unhealthy impact too much stress can have on their patients. Read Full Article

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How Effective Time Management Strategies Can Provide Stress Relief

Much of the current time management strategies combine organizing techniques and time-saving tips along with setting priorities and improving planning skills as the method of achieving success. Many of us have sat through time management seminars, read books, seen videos and visited web sites in order to learn how to do things better and faster. We have bought more efficient planning tools such as day planners, electronic organizers or web calendars, to better manage and control our time. And what happens?

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