Beat Stress

Ways To Beat Stress – Yes, You Can Beat It!

Everyone has stress! We find it in almost every aspect of our lives. Work is stressful, family can cause stress, and sometimes even trying to relax can be stressful.

That’s why having a list of ways to beat stress can really help! So here are some proven ways to knock down your stress:-

  • Go for a walk outside – This can be one of the most helpful things we can do when we’re stressed. It gives us fresh air, we can see some nature, soak up some vitamin D from the sunlight, and it temporarily removes us from any stressful situation we’re in.
  • Deep breathing – taking deep breaths in through our nose and out through our mouths has been proven to help reduce stress almost immediately!
  • Exercise – Can’t go for a walk outside? Then do some endorphin raising exercises such as jumping jacks, push ups or even jogging in place. It may seem silly but it can really help you feel more in control and calmer.
  • Call a friend – Sometimes just talking to someone about what’s stressing you out can be a huge help. Just make sure it’s a friend or family member that isn’t going to cause you more stress.
  • Have a quick rest – removing yourself from a noisy, stressful situation and finding a quiet and calm place to just sit and rest can make a big difference. If it’s appropriate, a 10 minute nap can also be a tremendous help. It resets your brain, and gives your body a chance to relax too.

There are plenty of things we can do to beat our stress. These are just a few that have helped some of us. Whatever you do… enjoy life and don’t let stress get you down!

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