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Stress Management at Work

Employing some sort of stress management at work is essential if you are to maintain a healthy and happy mental state. As a practicing psychotherapist I see emotionally overextended and anxious people from all levels of industry in dire need of managing their stress levels.

Stress management at work is not just required by executives, who are often perceived as being the most vulnerable to this malaise, but by every worker in employment. This is irrespective of whether they are in industry or are office based workers.

For an individual to stress proof him or herself, a certain amount of ‘pre training’ is essential. You cannot hope to just switch on some anti stress screen around you on entering the factory or office door, some work has to be done well before this point.

So how do you go about preparing yourself for work related stress? The first thing I teach people to do is – to be as relaxed as possible in all situations. Relaxation is, to my mind, the bedrock of stress management at work or, for that matter, anywhere at all. It offers a solid emotional base that will carry you through and past the harmful effects of continual stress.

Yes there is the rare person who has had the luck to be born with an intrinsic unflappability. However, the ‘Mr or Ms cool’ of this world is more often the product of nurture and not nature. This person has definitely recognised the need to work on his stress levels.

There are available some good techniques for promoting a relaxed body and mind. Progressive relaxation is one practice which will start your ‘stress management at work’ programme.

There is one version where you may begin by imagining a warm sensation starting at the top of your head and proceeding down your body, ending at your feet. This will promote a deep feeling of relaxation and you should practice as often as possible throughout the day.

The other is meditation, a practice that will have a profound impact on your emotional stability. There are literally hundreds of sources where you may learn a simple version of this technique.

Perspective is essential for sustainable stress management at work. Nothing is usually so important that you have to panic and worry yourself sick. Don’t forget, you are hiring out your resources to the company and they will never be able to pay you enough to be over stressed.

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