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Reduce Stress at Work – Increase Productivity

reduce stress at workStress at the work place is the number one productivity killer among employees, so it’s good for both employers and employees to reduce stress at work.

It reduces productivity for the following reasons:-

  • Removes focus from work projects to personal issues
  • Leads to poor communication and hence teamwork skills
  • Might lead to colleagues laughing at their stressed colleague who then becomes demoralized

However, the work place needs to be a lively place where employees make friends and hone their teamwork skills among others. So here’s some simple steps on how to reduce stress at work.

First, employees need to get enough sleep (6-8 hours depending on the person).

The following simple procedure will aid in getting enough sleep:

  • Make sure all office work is completed in the office so thoughts of work can be left behind
  • Get in the habit of set sleeping times, and follow them
  • Be calm when going to bed and just let sleep absorb your thoughts
  • Set an alarm for wake-up time and get up when it goes off, don’t snooze

The second step is keeping the work environment clear and orderly.

This should include:

  • Ensuring that desk is clear of clutter
  • Computer desktop and files should be well arranged to ensure easy access to data
  • A diary is kept for appointments
  • Preparation of to-do-list; update it regularly and follow it

The third step is improving communication skills that would aid in improving teamwork skills and productivity.

Some measures to help in this process include:

  • Lightening-up and mingling with high-achievers (no need to feel inferior)
  • Making new friends in the office and with stakeholders
  • Having courage to ask for clarifications or helping people grasp work-related issues better

These simple measures can go a very long way in reducing stress at the work place.

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